Whites Farm Siberian Cats


The following are listed for reference only, they are not for sale.


Vanilla Sky Tamerlan

Fur test for Feld1 very low

We are grateful to Tom Lundberg and Liz Daisley for participating in a temporary cross country exchange between our boys Tamerlan and Stoli. This enables us to broaden our bloodlines while keeping the quality, personalities and low allergen levels that makes the Siberian so special. Tam is a sweet talker, vocal, friendly , and debonair, not to mention very low allergen.


Angara Stolichnaya

Fur test for Feld1 very low

Stoli is everyone's favorite cat. In addition to being a beautiful cat, he is also very loving, calm, complacent, and quite huggable. You can drape him around your neck, and he is quite willing to stay there indefinitely. He has a wonderfully soft coat and lovely blue eyes. People always notice his hefty size and large bone - especially his big feet. He appears to be passing onto his kittens that sweet disposition and hefty size.


Filimon Dikaya Krassa

Fur test for Feld1 very low

Filimon was imported from Russia. He is a bit shy and hasn't really adjusted to the American way of life just yet. But he is sweet and gentle, and likes to be petted and fed treats, although he is always on alert and ready to hide if there is any unexpected noise or activity. He is also camera shy - and especially doesn't like the flash. So it has been a challenge getting good photos.


Lundberg Padoro

Fur test for Feld1 medium low

Padoro is a nice boy with a sweet and loving personality. He loves the extra attention he gets when we have visitors. He is passing his size, color, playfulness, and super friendly disposition on to his kittens.