Whites Farm Siberian Cats


The following are listed for reference only, they are not for sale.



We would like to thank Linda Watson from White Mountain Siberians for letting us have Dora. She is a sweetheart, and is a daughter of our own Stoli (Angara Stolichnaya) and Linda's girl Anya (Malishka Anya of Whitemountain).


Feeona of Whites
Feld1 1.8

Feeona is curiosity personified - open a door and she's through it, open a drawer and she's in it, watch out for those paper bags, and beware of the refrigerator door. She has to be the center of attention - loves everybody and is a great ambassador for the Siberian breed.


Starport Fiesta
Feld1 0.3

Fiesta is a sweet and gentle cat whose main job in life is to supervise any computer activity. She has a regal quality about her, and is often posing on the windowsills or bookcases just to be sure we are aware of how majestic she is.