Whites Farm Siberian Cats


The following are listed for reference only, they are not for sale.


DaKatzanova of MartinSiberians

Saliva test for Feld1 at an extremely low 0.5

Katz has an extremely affectionate, gentle and loving nature. He is a large cat, will probably mature around 18 pounds. He is allowed the run of the house because unlike many intact males, he does not spray. He is wonderful with the girls and with his kittens. There are many champion cats in his pedigree, so we expect some lovely kittens from him.


CH Starport Romeow Del Toro of Whites

saliva test for Feld1 exceptionally low at 0.7

Romeow is very affectionate, loveable, personable, and likes to carry on long conversations.


Fur test for Feld1 very low

Stoli has retired from the position of stud cat. He has been neutered and has become an awesome couch potato. He is the dad, grand dad, and great grand dad of kittens around the world.

We love to see him stroll around the house - king of his domain.