Whites Farm Siberian Cats


The following are listed for reference only, they are not for sale.


Citysiberians Tu Sweet of Thekatz

Saliva test for Feld1 level at a low 2.0

Tu Sweet is sweet and loving. She follows me about the house and wants to be held and loved. She has a wonderful variety of whistles, chirps, trills, and meows. She looks small, but when you pick her up you are surprised at how solid and heavy she is. Her color sets her apart, as flame point females are relatively rare.


Whites Saving Grace
saliva test for Feld1 medium low at 3.0

Grace is playful and affectionate, but a bit shy around strangers. She is a wonderfully attentive mom to her kittens. Although she can be independent, she does enjoy watching TV curled up next to her favorite person.

Lily Blue

Silkpurrs Lily Blue
saliva test for Feld1 low at 2.0

Lily Blue is a wonderfully affectionate girl who likes to be hugged and carried about, loves belly rubs, naps on laps, silly and playful. She has a super sweet personality.


Feeona of Whites
Feld1 1.8

Feeona is now retired from breeding. But she loves her role as Siberian ambassador for visitors who come to pet cats to test for allergies. She has yet to meet someone she doesn't like.