Whites Farm Siberian Cats


The following are listed for reference only, they are not for sale.



Peachhill Delilah of Thekatz

Saliva test for Feld1 level at a low 3.0

Deli is very regal. She likes to pose just in case you have a camera handy. She is very affectionate with a calm and mellow disposition.






















Whites Saving Grace


Saliva test for Feld1 at a low 3.0


Grace is playful and affectionate, but a bit shy around strangers. She is a wonderfully attentive mom to her kittens. Although she can be independent, she does enjoy watching TV curled up next to her favorite person.






Whites Mandy of CatDreams

Saliva test for Feld1 is exceptionally low at 0.7

Mandy is a large and hefty girl with a sweet and gentle personality. She sounds like a little chainsaw when she purrs.





TheKatz Kissmee

Saliva test for Feld1 is awaiting results.

Kismee is rambunctious, with a funny and silly personality. More fun to watch than TV.


Sheeza Luv




TheKatz Sheeza Luv

Saliva test for Feld1 is low at 3.0

Sheeza Luv is sweet and gentle with an engaging and entertaining personality. She's a talker, chirping her way through the house looking for someone to snuggle with. She will climb up your leg all the way to your shoulder just to give and get loving attention.






Citysiberians Viktorya of TheKatz

Saliva test for Feld1 is low at 2.8

Viktorya knows her name and comes when called. She likes to play with her toys in the water bowl. She enjoys being carried around and loved on.




Peachhill Sophia of TheKatz

Sophia is a conversationalist. She follows me around chatting up a storm. Of course, I meow back to her. She is playful and athletic, and will launch herself off high places to land in my arms. Yet she can also be calm and mellow.