Whites Farm Siberian Cats


1/13/17 Maria from Arizona
Thought you would like to see The Girls in their new home in Arizona......Nikita 10lbs...Tasha 8 lbs.....everyone loves them ....they also are a handful.....Tasha flips the lid off the Keurig coffee maker and Nikita chews everything she can and opens doors with a lever...wouldn't trade it for all the world!

12/23/16 Jeanne and Francine from New York City
the most wonderful cats in the entire known universe. After my gym class I rest on my bed for 20 minutes and that is Bogart's favorite time. He bumps my head with his, gives me a kiss and sleeps on my heart. It is the most touching moment that I have had with any animal. Caspurr likes to drape himself over my feet. We have dinner around seven, and the minute we finish, the cats are there reminding us that it is time for their meal, too. They know the time, itís amazing. They are in their own room adjoining the kitchen at night and they are very quiet and well behaved waiting for an early breakfast. The vet thought they were magnificent and highly intelligent. They have come into my life like ďA dream come True.Ē They are so affectionate and caring, they make every day a great day.

4/11/16 Sam from New London CT
I canít imagine life without Pickles. He is the most remarkable kitty ever. A true FAMILY kitty. He loves us all - but he always seems to know who needs purr-therapy the most. The unhappy child gets the bundle of purr on his bed that night. I think he could be called a therapy cat.

1/31/16 Brenda from Revere MA
It's been a pleasure having Alfie.

1/16/16 Heather and Brad from Portsmouth RI
We love June Bug. Her personality is such a great mix of both super affectionate / social and spunky / persistent ! She plays with all her toys on her own but always prefers our company and interactive playing with us. Her favorite game is still hide and seek all over the house with us. She LOVES to be chased and "seek" us and jump up and boop us on the nose when she "finds" behind door cracks, peeking around any furniture. She never uses claws always a soft paw gentle boop. She squeaks and chirps demanding this game on a daily basis. She insists on checking out drawers, fridge, everything. We have to be careful when opening the fridge because she might be perched on top of the door. We pretty much happily let her jump on any surface she wants. She left kitchen counters and fridge alone til December - but she was waiting til she knew she was big enough for those jumps. And she still "announces" her big jumps with a squeak. She has no fear of any noise that she's heard more than once and isn't shy around company, even a friend's dog (friendly King's Cavalier) that visited. She has excellent litter and scratch habits. She tolerates nail clipping and teeth brushing very well. Sometimes she lets me carry her around my shoulders. She still patiently sleeps or grooms herself at the foot of our bed all night. She does insist on running faucet water for drinking mostly even though we change her bowl water with filtered water daily. She is just amazing.

10/26/15 Tim and Julie from Charlestown, MA
She truly has been a blessing for us. No matter how bad my day is at work she puts a smile on my face when I get home. We joke that she's more of a dog than a cat and I've nicknames her "Bear" for how big and furry she is. She's both affectionate and mischievous. Always up to something funny and is an absolute love bug when we're just hanging out. She's been a joy and we consider ourselves lucky to have her in our lives!

9/11/15 Heather from Portsmouth, RI
She is incredibly curious and smart. She is so affectionate and sweet - just loves to get tummy rubs and back rubs, very tolerant of being held and carried. Very good with meeting new people, too. She has the most adorable little chirping squeak she occasionally uses. And she doesn't mind her little paws being touched - she's very gentle. What a wonderful job socializing her that you and her mom and siblings have done! We're all in love with her. Last night she did the cutest, sweetest thing. We were having dinner and she hopped up on a dining chair next to us. She looked up at me, chirped and hopped up on the table and tried to sniff our pizza. I told her no, our food, and no, not on the table and set her back on the chair. (I have a hard time hissing at her-and she would know it was me, anyway.) She hopped up on the table again of course, stepped into a large decorative ceramic bowl and curled up in it. She looked at me like "this isn't technically on the table, mom." She was so cute, I had to laugh. She rested her little chin on the bowl rim with one little paw hanging out-and stayed in the bowl the entire time we ate dinner. Then jumped gracefully down and followed us into the living room to play. I think the chair wasn't good enough for her because it wasn't at eye level with the rest of us.

1/30/16 Leslie from Frederick MD
Grayson, my 3 year old son, and him are best buds and love to play. Gizmo still bites and scratches but has been getting much better and is a complete lover, he needs to be by us all the time. He is crazy and so much fun. He fell in the tub once with my son and it was hilarious. My dog, Cooper, chases and tortures him and Gizmo gives it right back, I think I get more upset about it than Gizmo does since he just lies on the ground and bites and scratches him when he could easily run away. He loves to attack bare feet so we need socks on at all time. He loves his cat nip toys and his spring toys. He eats like crazy - still eating the Royal Canin kitten food and he gets a can at night that my son gives him and he goes crazy waiting for it. My allergies are a bit better but not great. We love him so much and he hasn't met a person he hasn't loved yet. All visitors, he goes right up to them and jumps on them. It's too funny! Or is a complete crazy kitten but he is definitely not shy. He has no fear of any noise that he's heard more than once and isn't shy around company--even a friend's dog (friendly King's Cavalier) that visited. He has excellent litter and scratch habits - tolerates nail clipping and teeth brushing very well. Sometimes he lets me carry him around my shoulders. He still patiently sleeps or grooms himself at the foot of our bed all night. He does insist on running faucet water for drinking mostly even though we change his bowl of water with filtered water daily. He is just amazing.

12/18/15 Julie from Portland ME
I got Ivan from you in the end of September. I just wanted to check in and let you know how much we are loving him and what a truly beautiful cat he is. He is such a sweet boy and so much fun.

4/25/15 Cheryl from Billerica MA
Nero is one of the most loving, social and loyal cats I have ever seen. He's a great companion and loves everyone that comes to visit.

3/5/15 Leo from Maynard MA
We are just loving our newest family member! He is the most playful, curious, and adorable kitten ever! He makes us smile and laugh every day! He's very social, follows us around everywhere, and is always out and about when company's over. He loves to play fetch and climb into any container he can find! We had him neutered in December and everything went well! My husband's allergies have essentially gone away! My allergies have improved but still flare up from time to time. Thank you so much for bringing Leo into our lives! We can't imagine life without him.

4/25/15 Cheryl from Billerica MA
Nero is one of the most loving, social and loyal cats I have ever seen. He's a great companion and loves everyone that comes to visit!

10/29/14 Ed from Bethel CT
Not sure if you will remember us but we bought Pumpkin from you in January 2002. He just turned 13 years old last week! He is healthy, happy and a big part of our family. He and we have thrived together despite my wife's allergies to almost every other animal. Can't thank you enough for your efforts to make these animals available so many years ago.Thanks again !

7/23/14 Carol from Arlington MA
I want to tell you how much joy our little kitty Dwight brings to us. He is so affectionate and has adapted so well to the family and the house. He loves everyone he meets. I don't know how we lived without him. He so loveable it's hard to leave the house to go to work! Thank you so much for choosing and raising such a wonderful kitten for us.

6/3/14 Jon from Goshen, CT
I thought we bought a cat. But Fido here definitely thinks he's a dog. He follows me everywhere. Don't even have to say "heel". He plays fetch - quicker than our golden Rusty - more motivated I guess. And he likes to get in the shower. Likes the water. Plays in his water bowl and makes an awful mess. But guess what !!! I don't sneeze or get itchy eyes !! Who would believe ?? Well, I do - now !! It's true !! If cats make you sneeze - you really gotta get one of these !!

2/6/14 Marge from FL
Nothing I can send would ever pay for what you have given me. My Tiger is the Love of my Life and brings me nothing but love and joy. He came into my life when I really needed something and continues to be the high light of my day. He wakes me with kisses and cuddles in bed. He is not much of a lap cat, but sure follows me around. He has never been outside and I would perish if he were ever to get out. He speaks for his food, and sits at command. He is so playful, that I often wake up with one of his toys in bed with me. Again, Thank you for the bottom of my Heart.

4/4/13 Charlie from Sanford, ME
She was a little shy at first. We felt bad for her. We named her Sweetie. Oh my - what a pretty cat !! But now she's on our laps, and helping with the computer, and we think she has settled in OK. We never thought there was such a thing as a cat we could be comfortable with. She has added so much to our lives. We can't imagine a life without her. Her loud purr helps put us to sleep at night.

2/7/13 Carol from Franklin, NH
They are truly hypo-allergenic with a 90% improvement in my allergies, and no medications !! Thank you so much for introducing us to such great cats !

8/25/12 Helena from Westford, MA
He is so sweet and chatty and follows us around like a dog. Such a great breed

11/9/12 Mary from Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Arya is amazing. She is a real climber and growing so fast and trying to fly. She sails from the top of a tall bookcase, thinks she can make it halfway across the living room to the coffee table, lands on all fours, and is embarrassed that she missed the mark ! Maybe we should send her to Pilot's School ? She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle, has a purr motor that turns on as soon as I pet her. Loves to sit on my lap and watch the evening news.

6/11/12 Marc from Albany NH
So this kitten is a hoot ! We call him Mischief. And that's him all right. He loves to get in drawers and closets and even tries the refrigerator. And in bed at night he's a toe grabber. Gotta love it !! And I have NO TROUBLE breathing ! It's a miracle !!

2/2/12 Sue from Belmont MA
We love Charley (nee Barney). Though we call him a terrorist because he seems to have the evil plan that if he cuddles and acts sweet enough we won't be able to conduct our lives. And it works, I often am late to work or other appointments because of how cuddly he is. He and one of our dogs love each other as well. Charley leaps as high as he can to land sprawled out on the dog and begin a wrestling match. You'd think the dog would be hurting him but charley just keeps going back for more.

8/2/11 Katherine from Chelmsford, MA
Mishka remains the best pet in the entire world. We just love him! He is the sweetest, friendliest, snuggliest, handsome cat! Everyone who meets him just loves him. Jason sneezes every once in a while, but he is very happy with his reaction to Mishka.

9/4/11 Kathleen Wetherby from Dover, MA
Thought you would enjoy and update. Our kitty is getting BIG and is lovable and a great addition to our family. My husband keeps saying she is more like a dog, since she is so oriented towards people. Even he, who was less than thrilled at the idea we would have a cat again has fallen for her :) Kelley continues to be over the moon at having her. Thanks for all your help. If you even need references from folks who you've sold kitties to, feel free to use our name.

9/11/11 Sonia from Northborough, MA
You don't know how you made my dreams come true. Having married someone with cat allergies, and having a son with cat allergies, I never thought I could have cats - and I love them so dearly. Now I have 3 gorgeous cats and am so happy to have them in my lives. I tell people all the time about your cats.

11/10/11 Melissa from Windham, NH
Wanted to give you an update on our wonderful boy , Serge. He is the most cool, beautiful cat we have ever seen( can you tell I'm his mother?) Serge and the dog( Riley the Sheltie) have lots of fun playing together. We are so happy with him, he has really made our house a home, I can't say enough good things about this breed and the BREEDER. He came to us so well socialized, his favorite thing is kisses on the head in the morning. Thanks again so much.

5/22/11 Katherine from Chelmsford, MA
Mishka is the most precious kitty ever! He is so loving and friendly and curious and sweet and smart. He actually talks to me! He has a special meow and way of acting that I know means he's out of water, and another that means he's hungry. The moment I get home from work, he is attached to me like a magnet! He has been sleeping on my head every night for the last week. The whole family is totally in love with him. What a handsome, sweet kitty. All my neighbors are jealous and just love him too. I have been taking him on short car trips so he doesn't always think 'vet' when we get in the car. And I take him with me to the bus stop sometimes to get him used to people and noises. He is just a fabulous companion, and we are so grateful for him.

4/19/11 Diane and John from Jay,NY
This e-mail is long overdue. We acquired our Siberian male kitten from your establishment several years ago - I believe at least five years ago. To look at him, our Nikolai is definitely the son of your Nikolai sire. He is still not as big as we anticipated, but he is one handsome male cat - beautiful gold with the most unbelievable white ruff. We thought he might have been the runt of the litter, since he was so small, but to see him now - he is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful markings and white feet and belly. Did I mention he has mesmerizing pale green eyes?? As I type, he has swatted at several keys and decided to drape himself over the keyboard, belly up, purring non-stop. He has a knack for showing his "best angles." I seriously doubt there is a cat with more personality than our Czar Nikolai Mikhail Boris (Ivan the Terrible when he gets into trouble, or if the Vet has to clip his nails and de-knot him).

If you want a quiet cat who is content to be alone, I doubt the Siberian is for you. Nikki pounds on the glass door if we are outside and he isn't. Outside, we put him in a carrier and he is perfectly content to sit in it, as long as we are within sight - doesn't matter to him - a campfire, 4th of July sparklers, family barbeque, etc. As long as he's there taking it all in, he's happy. HE HATES BEING LEFT OUT. If you are a professional, be prepared for a cat that will drape itself on your work, on the keyboard, and if necessary, on your lap. They love to be loved and be part of what's going on. So, again, the Siberian is not for you if you plan to leave them by themselves for many hours or days at a time. They will be very unhappy.

Nikki is fine if we leave him for most of the day, but we know he demands his own time after that. He loves his time playing on the bed - a game of "what's under the blanket?" He dives, swats, and crawls to find out what's moving under the blankets (all the while purring up a storm). It's his favorite game and he insists on playing every night! He loves to play any game (as long as it's not a "feeble attempt" as far as he's concerned - you'll get an ungodly cold and disappointed stare from him ). His intelligence is somewhat scary. He does very well with our dog and wants to be the center of attention with our grand children. He is very tolerant of the wee ones.

Plan on running the faucet - I've never seen Nikki drink from a bowl of water. He loves the faucet and will "test" the water with his paw to make sure it meets his standards. I suspect he thinks it is a melting icicle - true to his heritage.

What can I say? Nikolai Mikhail Boris is a Siberian cat who is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, well loved and doted on. We are lucky to have each other.

1/5/11 Christine from Hudson, NH
I have been wanting to let you know how happy we are to have Marley as a part of our family. He is an absolutely wonderful kitten. He is so sweet and loving; he gets along great with the kids and NEVER scratches or bites. He comes when we call him; although he is really never far away from us. I have never known a cat who follows his "family" from room to room. He hates to be alone and loves our company (and we love his!). He is definitely happy with us and is never at a loss for attention.

He did cry when we got in the car to take him home. After 20 minutes, I was so upset that I took your suggestion and let my son put his hand in the carrier and pet him. Marley immediately stopped crying and started purring. He has been purring ever since.

When we got home, we wrapped him in a blanket and he slept for hours in either my son or daughter's arms. When he finally woke up, he played for a while, explored his new surroundings and determined that he was king of the household.

We have had absolutely NO allergic reactions at all. My son had an appointment with his allergist yesterday for his monthly shots. The nurses were so surprised to see pictures of my son holding Marley to his face with no reaction. It is wonderful to see how happy my children are with him.

I still can not believe how lucky we are to have him in our lives. We are definitely giving him a loving and happy home and we are so grateful to you for the wonderful start you gave him

10/22/10 Joyce from Exeter, NH
So sorry we have not written and sent pictures before now, but Fergie is the absolute best cat ever. She is so loveable! She will pat your face, lick Haley's face, she sleeps with Haley, comes when you call her, and runs to the door to greet you when you come home. She even takes things and hides them in her private hiding spot. It took a while for us to find it! :) She is such a creature of habit. She knows that after we wake Haley up for school she will go into the bathroom and wash up, so Fergie races her in there because Haley will let her drink from the faucet while she brushes her teeth.

Haley was having some nasty allergic reactions. Her lips, tongue and cheek would swell... many days at snack time in school. She was constantly getting 3 teaspoons of Benedryl and trying to stay awake. I started to suspect that she had a seafood allergy last summer, but was not overly concerned. She had a peanut and tree nut allergy that she outgrew 2 years ago, so I felt confident that I could deal with the reactions, but wanted to find out what was causing it. I had her tested for shellfish, and saw the reaction occur the day before the results came back. Haley was doing her homework at the kitchen table, and Fergie would take a bite of food and then jump on her lap. Haley would pick her up and Fergie would lick her face. After about an hour of this, Haley said that she felt her lips swelling and getting numb. We even ended up in the ER that night because her reaction was so bad! Well... it turns out that Science Diet kitten food has fish oil in it. The company denies that it is from shellfish, but I am willing to bet that the factory where it is produced has some shellfish products. The cat food was causing the reaction. Haley would feed Fergie and then go to school. When she would have her snack, some days she would have a reaction... if she had not washed her hands, or her hands touched her mouth or food...

We have switched to Wellness brand and Haley has not had an allergic reaction since March when we figured this all out. :) There is salmon meal in it, and that is not a problem for Haley.

Fergie is a member of our family and we all love her. Haley could not be happier with her - and of course neither of us has had any problems with our allergies! She is absolutely the best cat ever. And, she is beautiful as you can see in the pics!

11/3/10 Omar and Marianne from South Weymouth, MA
Ohhhhh! We have spent the last five days frolicking with Bugsy and Groucho. Let me tell you, it was almost as good as any vacation we've ever taken (and we've gone to Cancun, and the Dominican Republic!) They are incredible! Each one is so different from the other, but so connected and dependent on one another. Bugsy is coming out of his shell, and Groucho is the leader through and through. If Groucho ventures into the next room, and can't see Bugsy, he becomes very vocal and calls him to join him. Once, Groucho was over zealous and crawled up to the top perch of one of our climbing poles and had trouble getting down, so he just watched Bugsy on the lower shelf jump off onto the soft couch, instead of crawling down the pole. So, he wiggled his little bum to get some traction, and flew off onto the couch to a nice cushy landing, and then tackled Bugsy, who was just minding his own business. I think we're going to cancel Comcast and just keep watching them as our entertainment!! They are eating/drinking/pooing up a storm, and growing like weeds. We can't thank you enough for bringing so much joy and fun into our lives.

9/29/10 Jillian from Clarksville, MD
Back in December of 2007 my family and I purchased a red and white Siberian from you for our son. Rocky, the cat, and Aiden, our son, could not be happier. Rocky is all that we hoped for and more. I've never had a pet that has had such an impact on our lives. Everything is just perfect. Thank you for providing us with Rocky a true testimony to the breed. We all absolutely love him!! Which brings me to the reason for this email. We are thinking about getting Rocky a playmate

8/5/10 Pheobe and Christos from Milton, MA
We are so very happy with Niki She is an absolutely incredible cat. I have never seen a cat with a personality like hers -- she is so sweet and tolerant -- loves being around us but is never whiny -- extremely intelligent. And she is absolutely beautiful. Best of all, no one in the family has had any kind of allergic reaction whatsoever. It's really amazing. She is very playful and the kids love getting her to chase one of her toys around the house. She is very trainable too -- we do not want her on our table, and I only had to spray her 2 times to teach her not to get up there. We are keeping her inside and that is working out well -- she always seems to amuse herself. She sits in the window and watches the birds and squirrels and is totally entranced.

6/3/10 Nicole from West Newton, MA
Boris started purring Monday evening. It took him one day to get used to my room and then he wanted to explore our sunroom. He didn't seem that scared in the car which was surprising for us. I sleep on the floor to be near him but he is now able to climb the bed so I might sleep there tonight. He is such a loving, cutey, fuzzy, friendly kitten. I love him. He just figured out how to climb the scratching post.

6/3/10 Sandra from West Newton, MA
Oh my goodness! Boris has stolen all our hearts! I can't wait to get up in the morning to see him and love how he nestles his face against my body and face. He is so curious and provides continual entertainment.

5/24/10 Mary from Swampscot, MA
Owen is an awesome cat. I tell my students Owen stories. They think he's the classroom pet. He is spoiled rotten and so loveable. He is usually in every room I go. I cant tell you how happy we are.

5/19/10 Carol, John and Hans from Parsonsfield, ME
Zeva is doing EXTREMELY well. I can't believe the difference between her an the other two cats. She has certainly made herself at home and has set clear boundaries with Boris and Oakley. We have only heard a couple of snarls and hisses and witnessed a few warning 'paws up? from Zeva. We just LOVE her. Thank you so much for bringing yet another piece of joy into our lives!!

5/14/10 Carol, John and Hans from Parsonsfield, ME
Just thought I would give you an update on Zeva. She has done extremely well adjusting to the house and surprisingly well with the boys. She's a little put off with Boris due to his poor boundaries. Boris tends to follow her around and when he gets too close, she lets him know?never heard such a loud growl from such a little kitty. Oakley, we think, might be in love. Oakley loves to go in her enclosure and she lets him. She has three different levels and he loves to go up on the third (which is a half shelf) where he rolls around on his back and hangs off the shelf backwards pawing in the air at her. We watch and supervise prepared to take action the minute it seems like it's going south?but to date, Oakley was only growled at twice and that was on the first and second day. Zeva seems to like Oakley and hates it when he walks away from her. She has this perplexed look on her face and will seek him out?only to taunt him. We have also realized that she has a purr that is louder than Boris. She sounds like a small two stroke motor when she gets attention in her cage. I'll send a more detailed update for your website testimonies along with pictures. By the way, she has her first vest appointment on the 24th and our vet can't wait to see her. She has also been waiting patiently for her arrival. Our vet offices (all the ladies) are intrigued with the Russian Siberian breed. There is actually a vet tech who specifically deals with our cats, because she loves cats and can't handle the other cat breeds due to her allergies.

2/22/10 Tiffany from Hilliard, OH
I cannot put into words how much my family and I love our Siberian Kitten. Poom-ba, aka Mr. Soft paws is eleven pounds now at 8 months old. I thought I would give you an update on allergies and small children. As breeders I thought you all might like to know! First our four and half year old daughter Delilah loves the kitten and he likes her too! He lets her carry him and he often sleeps on her bed on in her room in the doll cradle. I believe he likes her as she loves to play bird on a string / feather on a pole with him daily. He will seek out the children and watches them as well as sleeps next to where they are playing. Allergies and our Siberian.... If I take Zyrtec I am not allergic to the cat at all. I can rub him on my face, the whole deal. If I don't take any allergy medicine for a few days or so I might get a small hive or a little wheeze or itch if I touch my eyes. If I wash after petting him I am fine. Only once have I had a good strong reaction and I believe I got a cat hair stuck in my eye! I forget all the time that I am allergic to cats! I never have any "cold symptoms" ever with him! That is the major key no stuffy nose no runny nose nothing.!! I am very allergic to our rabbits and a little to our dogs. We bath him once a month and blow him dry, he lets us too! In summery the worst part of being allergic to cats is being sick, you walk in someones home with a feline and with in 5 to 10 minutes you have the worst "cold of your life" and feel terrible! Even after you leave I would be sick for up to a day. So if I get a tiny hive or a little wheeze that is nothing! I don't get "cold" sick from him ever! I never feel like I'm Dying! I have not taken any allergy medicine now for about two weeks, I just wash my hands more. I just forget I have a slight allergy to him. Now that I have him I realize how allergic I am to other things like our rabbits can't come inside or I am a mess. It has been a surreal experience having a Siberian, the first weeks I felt panic when I would pet him, the next few weeks disbelief, now I forget the allergy medicine and forget I have a cat allergy! I do vacuum and mop like I should, also his litter box my husband keeps up and its in a bathroom with no heat vent only a fan to the outside and we keep the door closed and a plastic flap cover over the cat door. Hope this helps you both in helping others like you helped me! Thank you again and feel free to contact me with any allergy questions as my cat allergy is a bad one! I would love to help in any way I could! Just wanted you both to know our kitten has a great home and he is very loved!

12/31/09 Tiffany from Hilliard, OH
I just wanted to tell you how much we love our kitten! We call him Poom-ba or Mr, Soft paws. My husband Sam thinks he is so beautiful, everyone in our family just loves him to death! I can't put into words how much joy he has brought into our lives. It took me a month to stop feeling panic when I would pet him or hold him, waiting for my allergies to flair up but they don't. Its too good to be true! Thank you so much!! Tiffany Britain

9/27/09 Francisco and Eugenia from Providence RI
You were absolutely right... this cat is a sweetheart. He is really good and we cannot be more happy with him. He was always incredible friendly with both of us from the very first moment. He is just a lovable cat. After the first night he was much comfortable and did not have any problem for using the cat litter box or eating his food. Now he is either running around the living room chasing things, or sleeping on the couch, or playing with us very gentle for being a kitty or just being pet. Oh, and he has an incredible purr... soooo amazing. At the moment my wife has not shown any allergies to him, although she has got a cold since the previous day we got the cat. But no itchy eyes, no asthma... it's early yet, but it's looking very good. Trimming the nails is going to be a battle... we need to improve our skills in that front. We have decided to name him (Whites) Johan Sebastian Lopez, and we call him Lopez.

8/24/09 Jennifer from Boxford MA
Opal is doing fabulous. She's a spunky girl who loves to "talk" to us. She enjoys playing in the bath tub with crumpled up pieces of paper and loves sport hunting the moths that sneak in at night. Her tail is getting fluffier with rings and she's gaining some tiger stripes on her legs. She's absolutely gorgeous, thank you once again for our lovely kitty!

8/8/09 Denise and kids from Sudbury MA
Just a quick note to let you know Izzy is doing Great! He is very busy exploring the whole house, following us everywhere & learning to make friends with Sam our dog. He is so much like a dog it's a riot! My kids are really happy we chose him! Well , thanks for the best kitty in the world !! Oh- He even went potty in his new litter box as soon as we got home!! Very smart cat!!

7/18/09 Leigh from Nashua NH
Molly is doing very well and is very sociable. She purrs all day long and the kids love her. They can't get enough and wake up early sometimes to play with her. I even find her sleeping next to me under the covers at night. My husband and some of our friends who have cat allergies have walked in our house with no problem. So I am pretty excited that I have a cat my husband can be around.

7/13/09 Jen from Ashburn VA

The kittens are so great and are settling in nicely. They have now gotten bored of their "transition room" and want to explore the rest of the house...they love the couch downstairs. Levi is growing like crazy! He is noticeably bigger than Jake at this point, and keeps trying to be the dominant, but Jake's a scrappy little guy and not letting Levi get away with that too much. Jake's little side hop when he is playing is so cute. They have also been great with the kids. I wish my camera wasn't broken because there have been so many Kodak moments...yesterday, Anna had both cats sleeping on their backs on each side of her just mesmerized as she was rubbing their chins. Jake is definitely Anna's cat. He loves her and will snuggle up in her lap for a long time with no problem. Levi is definitely my little guy?I wasn't feeling well the other day and he lay on the couch with me, snuggling, giving me kisses, and purring louder than I have ever seen. They are remarkably tolerant with the kids?I keep trying to teach John to be gentle, but it's a struggle, but the cats have just put up with him until they are done, then they just run away...no biting, scratching or anything, which has been great. Jake will happily let Anna snuggle him up in a blanket like a baby and go to sleep...its really cute. I am so glad I got 2...I think everybody should get 2 :) Their friendly cat "fights" are so entertaining, and they run and stalk each other, and pounce.

6/1/08 Mark from Hopkinton, NH
This cat is tremendous. Handsome, huge and fearless. He has the biggest head I've ever seen on a cat. I think he's great! He and my young male Aby are inseparable. Thanks again and you might as well place me on am waiting list for a Lynx color point should it happen in the next year or two. Regards, Mark

4/25/08 Carol, John and Hans from Parsonsfield, ME
Question: What is better than a Russian Siberian cat?
Answer: Two Russian Siberians!!!
It was a rough beginning, but the family has prevailed. Oakely and Borishave becomevery chummy. Although we still feel that we have to separate them during the time we are away from the house ,due to an occasional outburst of excessive untamed behavior, they are always eager to be reunited.
Like Boris, Oakely is a charmer withall visitors. His initial effect is cute and cuddiley and boundaries are often being tested as he is being mauled and loved by all, which he tolerates very well.
As we observe them ( the bestreality T.V. to date) their personalities vary immensely.Boris is in is own league. He seems want to be the center of attention most of the time, and has trouble sharing "quality" time between Oakley and us. Placing that aside, Boris is very affectionate and social. Oakley, as my son describes him, is a "Lover not a fighter." He spends most of his day following in the shadow of Boris, which we expect to end shortly, due to his ever growing sense of fearlessness and non-compliance of the "Boris Law." All in all, they are wonderful and we love them both dearly. Everyone who has been to the house is intrigued with the concept of a non-allergenic cat! We thank you once again, for bringing such joy into our hearts and home.

4/25/08 Boris and Oakley from Parsonsfield, ME
After lengthy observations of how my owner uses this strange machine, I am compelled to send you a note myself. To set the record straight, life was going well for the first few months. I had the run of the house and had more attention then I knew what to do with. As YOU know, that changed not to long ago. I found it strange that one day, my designer carrier left without me in it. To my surprise and disgust, it came back hours later occupied with an interesting creature that looked much like myself. What were they thinking? I was certain that this was a terrible mistake that wouldsoon be corrected within a reasonable amount of time, but I was wrong. For the next few days, I separated myself from this new addition and convinced myself that this unwanted guest would soon leave--I was wrong. As it turns out, what I thought was a terrible circumstance has turned outOK. Oakley, as they call him, has his faults like crawling on me when I am napping, biting my tail and sharing my food and litter box, but he has turned out to be good company. Of course, I am still KING of the upstairs bedroom and have to occasionally set limits to keep him in line, but I suppose if he must, hecan stay.
Just wanted to let you know that Oakley and I loveour new home and family. We promise to send pictures real soon.
Boris and Oakley
P.S. No matter what they said, I didn't throw Oakley off the railing--he must have slipped....

2/18/08 Beckie from New Hampton NH
Just writing to let you know that we absolutely adore our new kitten! We named her Ruby after a bluegrass song that we loved, and afterwards realized that her mom and grandfather both have 'Rub' in their names! She is scheduled for her booster on Thursday. She is very cuddly, comes when she's called, and loves to play with her toys. She was a little bit cautious the first two days that she was home, but still fell asleep in my lap on the couch after dinner and enjoyed sharing our warm bed. Brendan is still somewhat shocked that he can actually share a bed with a cat! I am trying to convince Brendan that we should get another one:)

1/14/08 Dara from Hanover NH
I'm sitting here with my sweet purring machine Shadow (grey boy, born March 3, 2007) sitting on my lap and thought I'd drop you a note to say hi. Shadow's doing great...just topped 10 pounds at 10 months! He's just such a treasure...purrs all the time, greets me at the door, follows me around the house and absolutely loves to cuddle (especially in the morning when I need to get up!). He's so curious and a problem solver, you can actually tell when he is thinking something through and making his plan of attack...he most recently conquered the top of the kitchen cabinets, which provides a great vantage point for viewing his kingdom. Words cannot express how happy he has made me. I have no allergy problems at all, it's a miracle. I'm pretty sure whenever my parents want to visit (from NJ) it is to see him and he's so friendly and outgoing that everyone who meets him falls in love. I'd be happy to share this on your website and my experiences with any potential owners.

12/25/07 from Carol of Parsonfield ME
It is now time that we add our name to your testimonial list of extremely pleased adoptive parents. I can't begin to tell you how much we are enjoying Boris. His personality is one of a kind and I am daring enough to say out of all the cats that have left your cattery, ours surpases them all. It only took him a day to aclimate himself with the living room and our family. The Christmas tree is his playpen and I have already had to re-wrap two presents (he loves the ribbon bows). We took him to his first "kitten-atrician" appointment and the vet just fell in love with him. He is very vocal and expresses his need for love and affection on a regular schedule thorughout the day. He reminds me of my son when he was little--energetic for 45 minutes which would lead to a 3 hour naps. Thank you so much for bringing such joy into our family.

12/16/07 Carol, Todd and Elizabeth from Canton MA
We have had Natasha a year now and we wanted to tell how much we love our furry family member. She is so outgoing, friendly and playful. She greets us at the door when we come home and talks constantly. Anytime anyone sits down she hops up into their lap for some cuddle time. She is always getting into mischief and makes us laugh. She is about 10 and a half pounds now and has the biggest tail we have ever seen (it is almost 7 inches wide). Everyone who meets her falls in love with her and wants to know what kind of cat she is. She has definitely brought so much more love into our home. Thanks again for raising such wonderful kittens.

11/29/07 Janet from Ashland MA
It was a long and woeful ride back to MA....she cried and cried and tried to dig her way out of the carrier for just about the entire 2 hours. She did takea couple of very quick naps, then woke up hollering again. I was so afraid that she was traumatized...but as soon as we got home I took her out of the carrier andshe acted as if she owned the place. She was a bit skittish of course, startling easily at noises and all, but for the most part, she made herself at home right away and started exploring.
She is such a joy! Playful and loving andjust so sweet!Each day she becomes more and more bold and attempts longer/higher jumps. She loves to play and will even fetch some of her toys.She loves to sleep againstmy shoulder. I adore her.
Her name is Glinda, after the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. We recently saw the play Wicked, and the actress who played Glinda stole the show. It is a perfect name for her. I attached a couple of photos. Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?! I am SOOO happy to have her. Thanks somuch!

9/23/06 Wendy And Dwayne from Needham, MA
She has turned into a lttle devil! A beautiful sweet non-allergic little devil. She is sweet, playful, funny and not terrible graceful, in fact a bit clunky. And smart! She is bright, adorable and energetic. I am so glad we chose her. We are joking that our fear of shedding was silly as she is actually dusting the house for us, not leaving fur! She is terrific and purrs like mad. If we just pick her up she starts her engines. We clipped her nails and she purred thru that! Thanks so much for helping me to have cats again. I feel so pleased. We will be back for another when she is more grown up.

8/18/06 from Donna & Chris from Plympton MA
Hi, White's Farm: We just want to say Thank you soooooooo much. We named our little girl Nikita and she is wonderful,loving,soft fur!! We think she looks a lot like her mom Bela. If anyone is thinking about getting one of these Siberians, don't think anymore, just do it!!! White's Farm was great!! They answered all my questions within the 24 hrs. (and I had a lot of questions). We can't say enough about how great White's Farm is. Keep up the great work.

4/18/06 from Marion of Franklin MA
I just want to tell you how very much we love "Oliver". He is the nicest cat we have ever known! He is playful, yet always gentle, and he is extremely sociable. He so loves sitting on our laps or right next to us. And every night he goes to bed with Alex and sleeps right next to her for the entire night! Thank you so much for the wonderful new addition to our family, he is very loved!

2/22/06 Mary A.
My mom bought two kittens from you last fall, one was the calico girl and the other was the flame point boy that I came and picked up. Anyway, words cannot express how much we love these kittens and I am moving in with my fiancee this spring and would love one of my own! Is there any way you can let me know when you are expecting a litter this year? If I could steal my mom's kittens I would. The boy (we named Ozzie) is amazing, I taught him to sit, and he comes when I call him! I am totally in love with him. Let me know what you are planning for this year. Thanks!

3/12/05 Aicha of Walpole MA
I wanted you to know how much Sunny is loved. He snuck out the door this morning, just as the snow storm was building momentum - it's a very heavy wet snow!! My husband and our children were still in our pj's walking around the neighborhood screaming his name (he does come when called - brilliant cat). We live on a thru street - quiet but still a thru street - within minutes every house on the street and a few neighbors from the street next to ours were calling Sunny's name. After an hour and many tears - Sunny was found in the rafters of our deck. With the look on his face - I don't think he will be venturing out again! Everyone (about 20 people) were very happy Sunny was home. We still can't thank you enough! He is like a little dog. He greets us at the door - he talks all of the time - he is still the purriest cat I've ever had - and he loves our kids and all of their friends. There are pictures of Sunny in my son's preschool - drawn by other kids. I have taken pictures and when I get them developed I'll forward you some. Hope this finds you well!!

3/2/05 the Jaffee family of Newton MA
We are having a wonderful time with Oliver. He is a delightful member of our family - sweet, funny, affectionate, and sometimes goofy. He has created quite a stir among family and friends and we have been giving out your Web site address a lot!

12/27/04 Anne from Granby CT
I hope you had a nice Christmas! I just wanted to tell you that Spooky is doing excellent! She has really come out of her shell and even though we had about a dozen people in the house on Christmas she was hanging around and playing with everyone. Last night she was sitting on the couch with Charlie while he was playing video games and he's in love with her now too. Thanks for my best Christmas present ever! We love her so much.

12/26/04 The Kelley Family of Walpole MA
We can not thank you enough!!! This was the best Christmas ever and it was definitely because of you - you are our own little Santa Claus! I wanted you to know that Tiger is now Sunny. The kids picked the name because he's the color of the sun. He's eating well and going to the bathroom fine. He is finally coming out from under things and playing with the kids - and yes, purring up a storm. (We almost named him Harley because he purrs like a Harley Davidson.) My dad wanted me to tell you how special you are how much he liked your home. He wants to visit again with the kids. Thanks again, and I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

11/30/04 from Jack in Burlington MA
I wanted to let you know we are very happy with this little kitten. He has accepted us, and all of our family. Even the quick, high pitched grandchildren. Maybe you should market this breed as part dog and part cat. He loves to bring the ball or mouse back to you to throw again and again. Thank you so much for such a fun loving, people loving cat.

4/7/04 from Janat of Portsmouth NH
Just an update on "Luna". She is purrfect:) We love her to bits. She is so funny. We can't believe how big she has gotten in such a short time. She loves my daughter like a dog. Follows her everywhere. Like most cats she is very curious, smart, but the best is very loving. PS If anyone ever needs a call about asking if it's true about a non-allergic cat.. have them call me. IT'S A MIRACLE !!!!!!!

1/9/04 from Jackie of Ashland MA
The boys are doing great! They are getting big. The vet fell in love with them and was showing them off at our last appointment. They are always together, wherever you see one the other is close by. I can't imagine just having one because they are so cute together.

12/17/03 from Larry and Judy of Albany NY
Well, it's been four months now and so far the adoption seems to be working out pretty well. ... And by now, I think I've got them wrapped around my paws. You wouldn't believe how much they dote on me and make me a constant part of their conversation. Personally, I think I'm Larry's muse now, so I have to spend quite a bit of time in front of the computer. When that gets dull, sometimes we play chase the cursor. ...To be honest, I think they're both obsessed with my fur, because they just don't seem to have any self-control when it comes to patting me at every opportunity.

10/29/03 from Kathie and James of Hudson MA
From our perspective, we could not have made a better choice in kittens. Sasha is a delight -- her nature is affectionate, fun-loving and curious. She loves to play fetch and is difficult to keep out of the bathroom sink in the mornings - she enjoys drinking from the faucet! Thank you for providing our home with such a wonderful edition.

6/8/03 from Libby of Wayland MA
I must thank you for producing such wonderful cats. Sasha is now full grown with a gigantic bushy tail - everyone who sees her is so impressed with her beauty. A few weeks ago, we were visiting my cousin in the DC area. She has two cats (non-Siberians) and within an hour of entering her house, I was coughing and having an asthma attack. I can snuggle right down into Sasha's fur with NO problems. She is adorable, smart, fluffy, friendly and a joy to have around.

4/9/03 from Charlyn of Bedford NH
The cats I purchased from Mike are the best cats my husband and I have ever had and we are both in our 50s. We have had our Siberians for two years now. I must tell you, we spoil our cats because we love them so. They are EXTREMELY gentle cats, they know to not use their claws when we pick them up, hold them, or when they jump off our laps. Not all cats know to do this. They are very sensitive to how we are feeling, exceptionally loving, very healthy (we have had NO problems) and are by far the SMARTEST cats we have known. Both of them like to play fetch with me using either a small toy mouse or a curled up plastic strip. I throw the toy and they go out and catch it and bring it back. Feel free to give potential customers my email address anytime. I feel honored to be able to promote you to potential customers. :)))

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